Easy Ways to Refresh The Look of Your Kitchen

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The kitchen and bathroom are the two most heavily traveled rooms in your house, and that means that they grow worn pretty quickly. Ask most people what room in their home could really use a facelift and many will answer the kitchen. The good news is remodeling your kitchen does not have to be an expensive task or one that is outside of your price range. Here are some simple ways you can make your kitchen more enjoyable. All it takes is a little inspiration and some effort on your part.


Adjust the Lighting in the Room

First of all, a dim kitchen or one that is unevenly lit can instantly make a room look less inviting. You can easily fix this by switching out an overhead light fixture. For instance, you can buy a hanging kitchen light so that the light splits just above the head and doubles as a new piece of décor for the room. You also may want to consider adding under cabinet lighting to help brighten normally dark areas. This is an old trick of any kitchen and bath designers in Phoenix AZ. Adding light in unexpected locations will make a dramatic shift in the appearance of the room.

Spice Up the Flooring

If you can consider retiling your kitchen with click wood or buy tiling that looks like wood but won’t bend up when water hits them. FLOR tiles are a great idea, but there are many more options out there that are designed to withstand the needs of a kitchen. If you cannot afford to refinish or retile your kitchen floor at this moment, then you can just toss a rug onto the floor in your kitchen. A nice colorful rug will instantly become the center of attention in the kitchen drawing attention away from old laminate.

Makeover Your Cabinets in Less than A Day

Not everyone can afford to buy new cabinets, but that does not mean that you have to suffer with old white cabinets left behind by the previous owner of your home. Instead, buy finish that is designed to make your cabinets look like natural wood again. A couple coats should be all it takes to instantly turn your white cabinets into a shiny cherry or walnut finish. Then, trade out the hardware for more modern knobs and pulls that accent your cabinets. This simple switch will leave your kitchen looking inspired and you will be the only one that knows they aren’t new.

Switch up Your Shelf Liners

Chances are you see your ugly old shelf liners every time you open a drawer or put away a dish, but you probably don’t think about changing them. Changing them not only gives you the chance to refresh your kitchen, but it also forces you to reorganize your kitchen shelves and drawers since you have to pull everything out. Sometimes just organizing your kitchen and making a visual change such as the liners is the kick you need to really start make changes.

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