Hot summer decorative trends

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Who said that we have to postpone everything the summer period? In order not to stay out of fashion, the hottest decorative trends gathered and present to you that will make you interest during the hottest months of the year.

Insist on the matte and specifically on the wicker furniture

The wicker furniture is now transported from the terrace and the garden to your living room and bedroom with the aim of giving extra points of elegance. At the same time, they bring to your place a relaxed, exotic and sophisticated ’70s vintage look that impresses.

Increase the intensity

The intense colors return dynamically to the coloring of our houses, clothes and everyday life. And the truth is we can not think of a better way to break the routine during the hottest period! For the ultimate summer look, choose for your spaces, colors and wallpapers in vibrant shades of blue, yellow, orange, red and pink, which create a sweet feeling of warmth and reminiscent of sunset on your favorite holiday destination. You can also add those colorful items under your wall lamps in order to seem way brighter.

Be exotic

This year’s absolute decorative trend is bringing an ethnic touch to your house. Use exotic sheets, throws, tablecloths and covers with motifs reminiscent of Morocco, Mexico and India. These ethnic motifs  that are combined with furniture or decorative accessories made of wood or in shades of green sartre, yellow and coral, will eventually bring life to your place, enchant your guests and bring the summer in your house.

Draw Blue and Green Lines

The geometric motifs are super stylish and timeless while matching both the interior and the exterior area of the house. So dare to put striped wallpaper, carpets, rattan, woven straw, rags, vases, frames, and throws in the bedroom, living room, and your kitchen and terrace area. For the ultimate summer effect, however, prefer to stick to the fresh shades of blue and vivid shades of green. They make the space look brighter and a relaxed place at the same time.

Dive in the deep

The corals, starfish, shells and generally the sea-like decorative items are the absolute must for this summer too. If you dare to combine them with color, the space will instantly get a summer breeze! You can use your favorite pebbles that you picked from the beach during last summer and add them to your decoration.

Wooden style

Inevitably is the hottest summer trend: the reason for whitewashed wood. The technique, which first appeared in the 16th century in England, returns and breaks the houses of those who are totally faithful to the modern rustic decoration: from cupboards and floors to walls and upholstery! And even if the rustic does not go along with your personal style, the whitewashed wood returns along with the marquetry. This typically traditional style, which is related to the decoration of surfaces with tiles from various materials, such as wood, gold, silver, copper, shells, this year, is modernized with unusual geometric and minimal motifs and be the center of interest. If you do not want whitewashed wood, you can just remove the cupboard lids, which is the hottest trend this year.

You can follow all the above trends or you can easily adjust them to your personal style and make your house look trendy this year too and also a space that defines your own personal touch. The basic thing you need to remember that the trends will look even more fantastic in a house that is unique and not a house that seems like the ones we usually see at the magazines. Dare to be unique and different and the result will be amazing.